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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


“Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person”

We all have those memories we’ve shared with that one person. That special person that we seem to believe will always remain in our hearts. That one we can always say they were the best we have ever had. We put it in the back of our head, were it can stay, that they will always be apart of us somehow. That there is no way they can possibly leave our minds or our hearts.
For a year and a half now I have led myself to believe that this one guy will forever be apart of me and there’s no way of me getting rid of him. I have been spending this year and half wishing I could just go back. But what I haven’t realized until recently is that I don’t necessarily miss him, i miss the memories that i had with him. When I see him today, all I see is the memories. But when I actually look at him and just him I don’t miss having him in my life. Because when he was apart of my life I feel like all he ever did was bring drama to my life. We would fight all the time over stupid stuff and sometimes he would be a complete asshole for no reason. I can’t count on two hands how many times this boy has made me cry. I don’t miss his cocky personality. I don’t miss the name calling. I don’t miss the late nights I stayed up crying over him. I don’t miss any of that shit at all. All I miss is the couple of good memories we shared together. The memories are the things that keep me up at night. The memories are the things that remind me of him. The memories are the only thing that I really have left from that relationship. And the memories are the only thing I miss.

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